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about LongNet founder Kåre Mol

Kåre Mol is one of the most well-known and competent volleyball coaches in Norway. During his 30 years as a coach he has worked with hundreds of athletes, ranging from beginners to international professionals. He has played 95 games for the Norwegian men’s national team, coached both the indoor and beach volleyball national teams, including athletes in three Olympic Games, and authored technical literature such a Ballsidighet, Volleyballens ABC and Minivolleyball. He has held office as Sports Director of the Norwegian Volleyball Federation and worked for Toppvolley Norway. Over the past five to six years, however, spent all his time and resources on developing the LongNet concept.

Kåre has always had a burning passion for developing and simplifying the sport of volleyball while making it more accessible for children and youth on all levels. During this work, the idea around LongNet was conceived. The combination of Kåre’s passion for volleyball and ball sports in general led him to search for solutions that could accommodate the idea of increased accessibility. LongNet offers a user-friendly and genius solution to maximize space utilization and to make the sport of volleyball available to more people.

Kåre has been a course instructor for coaches and teachers both nationally and internationally, and is known as a proficient, engaging and playful coach. Together with his wife, Merita, and their five children, he has developed a playful, conscious and engaging approach to learning volleyball. LongNet’s fundamental philosophy is based on increasing the volume of ball touches and the degree of involvement in the game. This is a central element in the development of sport in general and make it a more challenging activity to participate in. We hope you will enjoy the LongNet!

is one of the slogans within the LongNet philosophy. The LongNet pedagogy supports itself on the idea that children learn best when play and competition go hand in hand, when one is constantly involved in the game and can develop a large portion of the game intelligence at an early age. A fundamental part of the philosophy is to learn how to read and move in relation to the path of the ball, a highly necessary skill in all ball sports.

The LongNet solution
The idea of LongNet came from the need to optimize the use of space, increase accessibility and improve involvement from players. Current net systems are often complicated and time consuming to put up. With LongNet, you just have to roll out, attach, tighten and play! Even kids can put up the LongNet in just a few minutes. The tightening system can also be used on existing poles and net systems. LongNet’s objective is to make ball sports involving nets more accessible for everyone; in gyms and schools both nationally and internationally. LongNet should be ingeniously simple to put up, use and take down!
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